Massimiliano Carrara


  1. Composition and the Nature of Mereology

M. Carrara (with G. Lando) 2017. Composition and Relative Counting. Dialectica forthcoming [pdf]

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  1. Identity

M. Carrara (with S. Gaio) 2011. Towards a Formal Account of Identity Criteria. In M. Trobok et al. (a cura di). Between Logic and Reality. Modeling inference, action, and understanding, (Logic, epistemology and the unity of science 25) Springer, Berlin: 227-242

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  1. Plural Arbitrary Reference and Ontological commitment (of second-order logic)

M. Carrara (with E. Martino) 2017. A Notion of Logical Concept Based on Plural Reference. Acta Analytica, DOI: 10.1007/s12136-017-0327-2. [pdf]

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  1. A Logic for assertion and denial

M. Carrara (with D. Chiffi and C. De Florio). On Assertion and Denial in the Logic for Pragmatics. Journal of Applied Logic, forthcoming. [pdf]

M. Carrara (with D. Chiffi and C. De Florio) Forthcoming. Extending and Applying a Logic for Pragmatics. Logique et Analyse,[pdf].

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  1. Paradoxes and Logical Revision

M. Carrara (con D. Chiffi e D. Sergio) 2017. A Multimodal Pragmatic Treatment of the Knowability Paradox. In G. Payette e. R. Urbaniak (a cura di). Applications of Formal Philosophy–The Road Less Travelled. Logic, Argumentation and Reasoning 14 [pdf]

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  1. Logic and Semantics of Artifactual Kind Words and Metaphysics of Artifacts

M. Carrara (con. B. Jespersen e M. Duzi) 2018. Iterated Privation and Positive Predication. Journal of Applied Logic. [pdf]

M. Carrara 2016. Are Counterfeits Copies? In D. Hick and R. Schmuecker (a cura di). The Aesthetics and Ethics of Copying. Bloomsbury Academic, London: 99-118, 2016

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M. Carrara 2009. Relative identity and the Number of Artifacts. Techne. Research in Philosophy and Technology 13: 108-122 [pdf].

M. Carrara (with M. Soavi) 2008. Ontology for Information Systems. Artefacts as a case study. Mind and Society 7: 143-156 [pdf].

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